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I’m Rose, the Lady behind Our Lady of Second Helpings.  I have been working on losing weight and becoming my best self since August of 2008. Together my husband and I have lost over 310 pounds.  I created Our Lady of Second Helpings to share our journey with others.  I hope to provide inspiration and motivation to people searching for ways to become healthier and happier in their own skin. Our goal is to demonstrate how many small daily choices can add up to a major change and a new lease on life.  If something here speaks to you, try it, and let us know what you think.

How did you lose the weight?

We are members of Weight Watchers. I met my weight loss goal in November of 2011 and now make lifestyle choices that help me maintain that loss.  My journey to a lower weight and healthier body is rooted in changing my eating habits a little bit at a time. As my weight reduced I began to look for ways to move more.

You must eat a really strict diet!

I try to eat lighter food that is full of flavor and fit in a splurge everyday. Our meals include a lot of colorful vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. I have never once felt like I was dieting while losing weight. As a family we strive for balance while enjoying second helpings of life’s many ‘good things.’ In the Recipe section you will find a selection of food illustrating this approach from apple sauce to juicy burgers. Most of the recipes are my own creations or recreations, some are family favorites, and the rest I have collected along the way.

Do you workout?

I absolutely love to feel my body move but I have not adopted any one exercise routine. Some days I walk and run on the treadmill, other days I stroll the mall, go for a swim, bike the neighborhood, stream a yoga video, go for a hike, or chase my busy kids around the park. For my lifestyle the movement is more important than the routine.

What’s with the nick-names?

On this site my husband is, “Mr. Second Helpings,” our oldest son is “The Little Helping” and the baby is “Scoop”. The nick-names are just a bit of schtick to allow this virtual space to have a life of its own.

What did you guys look like before????

This was taken in 2007 when we weighed approximately 640 lbs collectively.



And Now?

Our family has twice as many people but we weigh about half as much!!

Second Helpings Family

I want to know more!

Here are a few posts with more before pictures and a longer version of our weight loss story.

A bit about the Author

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