Birthday Smoothies

easy berry smoothie recipe






Smoothies are so easy and so many fruits and vegetables can get tossed in to make a vitamin-filled treat.  We keep it simple and generally stick to fruits and yogurt but I know many people who add protein powder, leafy greens, and many more ingredients to their smoothies.  I really like to have a smoothie on a day I will have less control over the food available, for instance, a day with a party in the middle of the afternoon/evening.  By starting with a breakfast full of fruit I know I have consumed most of my daily servings before the temptations begin.

Early in our relationship, I taught my husband a basic method to make smoothies and since then he has been the chief smoothie maker in our house.  I stole a little of his thunder by making them this week but I still let him make the coffee (because I am giving like that!).

Here’s how we make them:

Basic Smoothie
1 cup of non-fat plain yogurt
1 banana
1 – 2 cups assorted frozen fruit
add water to thin to desired consistency

This is just a platform to try new flavor combinations.  The frozen fruit helps to make it more thick and creamy but a smoothie can absolutely be made entirely from fresh fruit with some ice tossed in.

With a slice of toast on the side we were all fueled up and ready to go celebrate our newly minted two-year-old on his day… after a shower.


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