golden hamster - how to have a happier day

How to have a Happier Day

Happy days may not be immediately obvious because at first glance they look kind of crappy. For instance, it’s not quite 9:30 and here’s my day so far: My kids woke up about 40 minutes earlier than expected and at least an hour and a half earlier than I would like to be awake. Just as I decided to ignore…

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Boost healthy habits - commit to eat with dignity

[Video] Boost healthy habits – commit to eat with dignity

How to eat with dignity. It’s not about being fancy – although it can be. It’s about honoring your self-worth, showing self-respect, and creating a moment worthy of you and your body’s need for nourishment. This week’s short video explains how to turn this concept into a daily habit to boost weight loss and create lifelong healthy eating habits.  Do you ever…

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The Biggest Problem in the World of Wellness

[Video] No More Frankenstein Weight Loss

There’s a major problem in the world of wellness keeping most people from achieving long-term solutions to their health goals. And, chances are pretty good, it’s not what you think. Today’s video is for anyone who’s struggled to find a path to wellness that feels aligned with their personal values. Personal Disconnect I spent months years feeling like there was…

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Motivational Quote, She believed she could, so she did

What it really takes to overcome this food thing

Are you ready to make some changes in your health? Have you already started? Have you already stumbled? I’ve done both more times than I can count and there is a key element that keeps me moving forward. And it’s surprisingly simple.   A few months ago, a dear friend and former client gave me a sweet little gift. There…

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Non-candy treats for Halloween that won’t get you egged!

If you have kids, or if you are a kid at heart, I’m sure you are well aware that Halloween is nearly here. In addition to dressing up and doing the Monster Mash, there is going to be candy everywhere you turn. These temptations can be a big weight management challenge. Before you throw your hands in the air, and…

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