Boost healthy habits - commit to eat with dignity

[Video] Boost healthy habits – commit to eat with dignity

How to eat with dignity. It’s not about being fancy – although it can be. It’s about honoring your self-worth, showing self-respect, and creating a moment worthy of you and your body’s need for nourishment. This week’s short video explains how to turn this concept into a daily habit to boost weight loss and create lifelong healthy eating habits.  Do you ever…

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The Biggest Problem in the World of Wellness

[Video] No More Frankenstein Weight Loss

There’s a major problem in the world of wellness keeping most people from achieving long-term solutions to their health goals. And, chances are pretty good, it’s not what you think. Today’s video is for anyone who’s struggled to find a path to wellness that feels aligned with their personal values. Personal Disconnect I spent months years feeling like there was…

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how to get past overwhelm to make changes that last

[Video] How to get past weight loss overwhelm to experience lasting results

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what it takes to finally regain control of your weight? Maybe you feel this way right now. If you’ve ever felt that way or you’re feeling that way right now, you’ll want to hit play on this video. A story within a story At first, the story I’m going to share sounds like I’m…

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A clear "why" will strengthen your resolve and provide motivation to keep going even when the odds seem stacked against you. goal setting advice

This powerful mindset shift ensures goals never fail

How many times have you set a goal only to fail thanks to one of life’s inevitable curveballs? Click to Watch Video It’s easy for goals to get sidelined when things stop going according to plan. The truth is, in goal setting, how you go after a goal is far less important than why. A clear “why” will strengthen your resolve…

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No prayer will make you thin but faith in action can!

No prayer will make you thin but faith in action can

Truly prayer changes things, yet, lasting personal transformation does not come from faith alone – we must also put our faith into action. Faith is not magic Every night from age 12 through high school, my bedtime prayer was to grow two feet overnight and wake-up height/weight proportionate. Then I prayed my obesity would be linked to a medical finding –…

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