Closing the Our Lady Chapter, and the next steps in my journey

Half Her Size LaunchingSoon

If I have learned one thing during my weight loss journey, it is this – You don’t have to know where the finish line is to get started, but you’ll never get anywhere standing still. Five months ago I began crafting the next chapter in my journey. Within the next few days I will be cutting the virtual ribbon on a brand new site called, Half Her Size. It is my most sincere wish that you will continue to follow my story on the new site.

As soon as I knew we were expecting baby #2 I knew I was going to go through another major life change. I began to look inward, searching for the answers to the tough questions and looking for the next step in my journey. Not knowing where I was going, I gave my self a year, post baby arrival, to put myself in a different place. 

I read, I prayed, and I listened. I also wrung my hands and moaned to Mr. Second Helpings – a lot. I process things out loud. I have to hear how ideas sound to begin to understand what is going on in my own head. Mr. Second Helpings has gotten used to this constant stream of consciousness, bless him, he is very patient. 

Mr. Second Helpings

Four years ago I was a stay at home mom, learning how to navigate the strange waters of eating for weight loss while introducing my toddler to the world of chewing food. I was happy to be a mom but it was dawning on me that if I didn’t figure out a way to make a space for myself I was going to fade into a very dark place.

I can’t remember the exact moment, but somewhere along the way a phrase popped into my brain. Our Lady of Second Helpings. At the time I had no concept of how those few words were about to change my life, they were as tenacious as sand in a damp bathing suit. They kept pushing into the forefront of my mind.

Technology addicted Millennial that I am, I tried to implement my generation’s solution to any of life’s questions – I Googled it.

A firm believer that there is no longer such a thing as an original idea, I was surprised to find no matches for Our Lady of Second Helpings.

Huh. Okay, maybe there is something here that I’m not seeing. I briefly entertained the idea of creating a logo and screen printing it onto aprons, to sell at local craft fairs. I am SO glad I didn’t pursue that route. Can you imagine? I would have crates of aprons stacked floor to ceiling in my garage. I started to keep an eye and an ear out for other signs.

Weight Loss Progress Hollywood Sign

At that point I was 100 pounds down in my weight loss and to say people were noticing is an understatement. People were stopping me and asking tons of questions. People I barely knew were sharing my story with family and friends who were reporting their amazement back to me. Suddenly I realized contacts both personal and professional were encouraging me to find a way to share my story. I knew then, what Our Lady of Second Helpings was meant to be. In May of 2011 I wrote the first post, about my love of oatmeal. A few days later I wrote another, and another, and here we are, 3 1/2 years later. This is the third incarnation of the site. The recipe archive has hundreds of ideas taken directly from our family table. I have shared some amazing milestones with you in these posts. I am honored that anyone was compelled to read my writing.

My Writing Process Blog Tour | Our Lady of Second Helpings

When I gave myself a year to figure out the next step, I started to visualize what I would be doing. I realized I needed to give myself permission to start from scratch. I wanted to take everything I have learned about weight loss, and the on-line world, and open up shop with a clean slate. Last summer, just like four years ago, I had an idea that I just couldn’t shake. Unlike the first time, I knew exactly what to do when my Google search came up empty – I bought a domain name.

Half Her Size weight loss

Half Her Size is a site that will bring me back to my early days of writing specifically about weight loss. The recipes will focus on cooking from ingredients but I’m sure I’ll toss in some semi-homemade shortcuts. I will write more tips and lists, and weight loss stories. I hope to draw more recipe inspiration from the community. If you have a food that you wish you knew how to cook, let me find a way for you to prepare it at home. I would like to try my hand at slimming down your family’s favorite recipes, if you have any that need a slimming make-over, please send them my way!

Half Her Size will also be my business. I am reaching beyond the web to work one-on-one, as a nourishment coach, with people who are ready to begin their own forever weight loss journey. I have already begun holding cooking classes in the Seattle area and they are so much fun! In the new year I have plans to collaborate with a dear friend, Venessa Goldberg, a trained pastry chef who has just wrapped up a very delicious gig as the co-owner/operator of How Pickle Got Out of a Jam food truck. She is amazingly talented. We are putting together a series of classes of fresh foods for the new year.

HHS Eat Merrily & Be Light!

And – I wrote a book! Well, an ebook. It was a joy to write and you can read it for free. “Eat Merrily & Be Light” has strategies for eating happily during the holidays and a collection of my favorite holiday recipes (from this site). When you visit there is a box to sign up for the newsletter. Signing up means you will receive a pretty message from me on a weekly basis with all the posts and updates from Half Her Size. You will immediately receive a welcome note (gmail users, make sure to check your promotions folder) it will have directions for downloading the book. I value your time and privacy and will not spam your box or distribute your contact information. 

As of today is still under construction. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you will be among the first to know when it is live and ready for visitors. I am so so so, very excited to share the new site with you.

Our Lady of Second Helpings will not disappear. I will probably continue to post here from time-to-time, but for regular updates (on the family too) you’ll need to switch your bookmarks, browser buttons, and sign up for the newsletter on Half Her Size.

Hiking with kids is a great (screen free) family activity

Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank you’s to every one who has followed my journey. I have enjoyed your comments, emails, notes, and appreciated your constructive criticism (most of the time). Come join me in the next chapter, the pages are waiting to be written.


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