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About Rose McAvoy

Founder of HalfHerSize.com

In 5 years I lost 146 pounds and gave birth to two children. As a result, I became an expert at meeting a variety of nutritional needs at the same time. Since 2011, I have passionately shared my weight loss story. My mission is to inspire other women to take their own weight loss journey, one sustainable step at a time. I love developing recipes, teaching cooking, coaching weight loss, playing with my kids, digging in my garden, and taking mouth watering photos.


Failure is not an option, your family needs you to be healthy & you need you to be healthy. Take just one hour of your day
& join me for this call live (if you can’t join the call I’ll give you the replay, because I know how it can be as a mom of two myself.)
There is no better resource for your family than a healthy and happy mom. So lose those awful diets, and 30 day bandaid
challenges let’s invest in your healthy ever after.

Next Class Happening Dec 29th, 2015 at 7:30pm PST

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