Easy breakfast recipes: 15 ways to start the day healthy

It is a common tendency of busy women to let eating breakfast become a low priority. If you are getting kids up and ready for school there is a long list of things that must be done in a limited amount of time. Remember, meeting all those needs makes it that much more important for you to get some nourishment at the start of the day. A good breakfast fuels you for the challenges of the day by setting your blood sugar at a steady level and sending energy to your organs, muscles, and brain. Wouldn’t it be nice to remember where you put your keys – a good breakfast can help.

Boxed cereal is quick but most are too high in sugar and carbohydrates to sustain your energy leaving you tired and hungry long before lunch-time. The cereal crash is a common trap that sends many weight loss minded eaters back to square one, since they wind up overeating on whatever is within reach when their blood sugar plummets.

If any of this sounds familiar, or you simply want to change up your breakfast routine, keep reading this is for you!

15 easy breakfast recipes that are truly healthy AND ready in 10 minutes or less. You'll love these grab-and-go ideas to keep you satisfied all morning.

I asked fellow bloggers to share their favorite easy breakfast recipes that are truly healthy AND ready in 10 minutes or less. Boy-oh-boy, they came through with some fantastic ideas! This list has something for every taste and eating preference. Sweet or savory, grains or eggs, you’ll find them all below. You’ll love these grab-and-go breakfasts. They will take the mundane out of the usual breakfast options and keep you full all morning.

So shake that thing to a different breakfast beat this week and enjoy the spices of life.

1. Gorgonzola-Brussels Sprout Hash

Gorgonzola-Brussels Sprout Hash; turn simple fall vegetables into a gourmet comfort food perfect for any meal of the day. Add an egg for a healthy meal.

Hash is an easy way to transform simple fall vegetables into gourmet comfort food. This versatile recipe is perfect for any meal of the day. Add an egg to make a quick healthy meal. Get Recipe: Gorgonzola Brussels Sprout Hash

2. Gluten-Free Healthy Breakfast Doughnuts


Spice up breakfast this morning with these cute little spicy doughnuts. These are perfect for your hungry sweet tooth. Pair them with an easy protein and you’ll be all set! Get Recipe: Gluten-Free Healthy Breakfast Doughnuts

3. Oatmeal Breakfast Bars


Breakfast should be a delicious experience, this is sure to make your day. Get Recipe: Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

4. Cookie Dough Overnight Oats


This sweet breakfast idea is so easy you don’t even have to be awake yet to get it started. Get Recipe: Cookie Dough Overnight Oats

5. Baked Breakfast Sandwich Sliders


No need to mess up the stove to make these savory breakfast sandwiches. The oven is going to be your best friend from now on. Make these in advance and adjust the filling to meet your taste and calorie needs. In the morning just grab and go! Get Recipe: Baked Breakfast Sandwich Sliders

6. Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon

Avocado toast with smoked salmon on crisp toasted English muffins topped with tomato, Sabra's new Veggie Fusions guacamole + veggies is the perfect healthy lunch for busy days.

A low calorie breakfast that you can make in minutes. Simple ingredients but oh-so delicious. This is one recipe you will be happy to return to agains and again. Get Recipe: Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon

7. On the Go Granola Yogurt Fruit Breakfast parfaits Recipe


Quick, healthy and infinately customizable, these are a perfect breakfast for the busy woman on the go! Get Recipe: On The Go Granola-Yogurt-Fruit Breakfast Parfaits

8. Overnight Quinoa Chia Chocolate Breakfast Pudding


You read that right, chocolate pudding for breakfast! Get this tasty breakfast with little to no prep time or fuss. Bonus, it is gluten-free and dairy-free. Get Recipe: Overnight Quinoa Chia Chocolate Breakfast Pudding

9. Peaches and cream Overnight Oats


If you like oatmeal but have not yet tried overnight oats this is the recipe to get your started! Get everything assembled the night before and in the morning you have thick, creamy, oats ready to grab-and-go in the morning. Top with sweet peaches and nuts for the complete experience. This is going to be the highlight of your day! Get Recipe: Peaches and cream Overnight Oats

10. Cranberry Date Breakfast Bars


Made with a base of whole wheat flour and oats, these vegan breakfast bars are packed with goodness. Don’t bother buying cereal bars from the store, these easy bars are so much better and super easy to make. Get Recipe: Cranberry Date Breakfast Bars

11. Easy Apple Cinnamon Homemade Granola

Easy Apple Cinnamon Homemade Granola is a quick and easy granola recipe. Pair with yogurt for a quick deliciously satisfying weight loss friendly breakfast.The perfect compromise for when you want to eat apple pie for breakfast but you also want to make healthy choices. Easy Apple Cinnamon Homemade Granola; a quick and easy granola you can make at home. Paired with yogurt it makes quick, deliciously satisfying, weight loss friendly breakfast to eat at home or on-the-go. Get Recipe: Easy Apple Cinnamon Homemade Granola

12. Creamy Morning Millet Porridge


I am a huge fan of millet! It is a grain/seed that cooks up fluffy and comforting and can be seasoned with savory or sweet ingredients. Millet has a significant amount of protein (similar to quinoa) so not only is it as comforting as oatmeal it is far more sustaining. With cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, this porridge is perfect for chilly mornings. Make a batch on the weekend and warm up just enough for breakfast in the morning.  Get Recipe: Creamy Morning Millet Porridge

13. Mini Veggie Quiche Muffins


These little bite sized breakfast bits are a whole meal in one cute little package. Try a few, or more, of these today! Get Recipe: Mini Veggie Quiche Muffins

14. Mini Margherita Quinoa Frittatas (with Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, and Mozzarella)


A little bit muffin and a little bit frittata these little bites of quick breakfast goodness are 100% delicious and nutritious. Make a big batch and freeze until ready to eat. Get Recipe: Mini Margherita Quinoa Frittatas

15. Ham and blue cheese sweet potato quiche
Sharp blue cheese with ham in a sliced sweet potato crust. Ham & blue cheese sweet potato quiche makes an excellent healthy breakfast, brunch, or lunch.The quiche is rich and full flavored with reduced calories by using low-fat milk and a combination of whole eggs and egg whites. Make ahead and enjoy it by the slice through the week. With a serving of fruit or a leafy salad, this ham & blue cheese sweet potato quiche makes an excellent breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Get Recipe: Ham and blue cheese sweet potato quiche


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