Healthy eating for the rest of us

I have been thinking about the shouting match that persists in the healthy eating and fitness communities. The majority of the loud voices claim they have the answer to whipping the world into shape. Many of those answers require extreme measures to achieve – measures that are unreasonable for most people trying to keep afloat in their busy lives.

So called, healthy crusaders and evangelists use guilt, fear, data dumps, and correlation to prove causation in order to sway those that need hope the most to jump on their band wagon.

Healthy eating positive attitude

Here’s my truth:

I don’t have a clean diet, I don’t save my “off plan” foods for a cheat day, I don’t believe in feeling guilty about treats or justifying why I deserve to be “bad.”

I DO believe in creating healthy eating habits that are flexible, sustainable, & enjoyable. I DO believe I have to manage my food choices to get me to where I want to go. I DO believe that celebrating every success will reinforce healthy behaviors to the point that the will become my dominate actions.

Mindful moderation, eating a wide variety of colorful foods, and finding ways to be active got me to my goal weight, keeps me there today, and makes me excited to stay the course for years to come.

Change is possible. The healthiest version of your body is the best goal for you.

clean eating humor

Remember the thoughtful tortoise beat the cocky hare by putting one foot in front of the other, building quiet momentum, and refusing to quit when the odds were against him.

You deserve a joyful journey that reflects your truth. If I can do it, you can do it!

Rise above the noise, the fear mongering, and the crazy statistics. What one healthy eating choice will you make for you today?

I believe in you!

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