Are you ready?!

This food based weight loss challenge uses a pre-tracked menu planning solution designed for YOU, smart women with busy lives and a family dinner to provide.

This plan changes everything!

For years, I have heard busy women beg for a simple way to lose weight that includes their family.

So, I created one!

Based on the exact way my husband & I lost over 300 pounds and kept it off for over 5 years!

I cannot wait to hear your results when you put this challenge into action!

Weight loss for busy women

This plan is a weight loss solution designed for YOU, busy moms who generally take an every-human-for-themselves approach to breakfast and lunch then prepare a family meal for dinner.

The meals feature ingredients you can find in a regular grocery store including, fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and dairy products. The meals and snacks are quick to prepare. The family friendly dinners are intended to feed 2 adults, 2  kids and often with leftovers for lunches.

Inside the 1500 calorie plan:

Each day has a menu which includes 3 meals, mix n’ match snacks, and a splurge (yep!). The menus are been pre-planned to give you the proven weight loss benefits of tracking what you eat without the hassle of writing anything down – a time and sanity saver!

When you open the plan you will find:

  • 3-day overview
  • 3 daily menus
  • recipes
  • the nutritional breakdown
  • a complete shopping list

Flexible Planning

The meals in this plan have been created so they can be swapped or repeated. Changing the order of the days or swapping a meal from one day to another will not alter the overall plan. You are free to flex the plan to meet your needs!

Let the plan help you achieve the body you want. You spend more time loving the life you can create with that body.

So, I’ll ask you again. Are you ready?



Your healthy ever begins today