[Video] How to get past weight loss overwhelm to experience lasting results

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what it takes to finally regain control of your weight?

Maybe you feel this way right now.

If you’ve ever felt that way or you’re feeling that way right now, you’ll want to hit play on this video.

inspirational quote, "You can't climb to the top without starting at the bottom" little boy at the bottom of stairs

A story within a story

At first, the story I’m going to share sounds like I’m just complaining about yard work.

I’m not.


Not entirely.

This story is really about those feelings of being out-of-control and not knowing how or IF a change is even possible.

And, even change is possible, do you deserve it?

Make sure to hang around for the end, I’ve included a little action step you can take right now to start flipping the script on your negative thoughts and bringing more joy into your journey.

When you’re already feeling exhausted, finding the bandwidth to start anything new can feel standing up to change the television channel level impossible – looks like we’re watching Golden Girls reruns forever.

Hopefully, this little parable helps you feel some clarity by showing that the greener grass doesn’t have to be in everyone else’s yard, you can cultivate your own patch of happy on your own side of the fence.

After you watch I really want to hear what nuggets of inspiration jumped out at you and what action are you going to take.

To a life overflowing with grace,


p.s. This unintentionally turned into a lawn tool review. If you’re excited about the weed popper-outter, get one here (affiliate link). I’m not kidding that thing changed our lives.

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