Mr. Second Helpings is Famous!

Mr. Second Helpings

I just discovered something really awesome while poking around in my Weight Watchers Mobil App

Remember waayyy back in July when Weight Watchers invited Mr. Second Helpings and I to fly to New York and participate in a photo shoot?? They have finally published Mr. Second Helpings Success Story!

How handsome is my husband?!


The Success Story is published like an interview but it is really his writing tidied up by a freelance writer. My favorite part is at the end:

“My advice to men who are thinking of joining or just getting started:
Keep looking forward, discover new foods and develop sustainable healthy habits that completely replace the old ones. Find things that you enjoy doing and eating. If you have a partner, be supportive and keep each other accountable.

And stick with it. It took my wife and me three and a half years to lose over 300 pounds together. But we reached our goals, became Lifetime members and love our new life.”

There is also a short video to accompany the print version of his weight loss story. In the video he is calm and well spoken while I just look awkward.

Read his story and share it with someone you think might need a little inspiration. If you want to hear more from Mr. Second Helpings this is the guest post he wrote when he reached his goal weight at the end of 2011.

You can read more about our visit to NYC here and here.


  1. Congratulations you two, this is great! You should be SO proud of your accomplishment. And we appreciate your wisdom and inspiration in the meetings. By the way Rose, you do NOT look awkward in the video…you look great!

  2. Yes, he is handsome!

    Congratulations to both of you – for how far you have travelled these past 3+ years … GOOOD job!!—–

    You are a great inspiration to everyone!

    Thank you.

  3. Huba Huba — Handsome Husband!
    🙂 Congratulations on the tremendous team weight loss! The support of your mate during ( and after ) weight loss is priceless.
    Oh and Rose — you look pretty good yourself !

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