What it really takes to overcome this food thing

Are you ready to make some changes in your health? Have you already started? Have you already stumbled?

I’ve done both more times than I can count and there is a key element that keeps me moving forward. And it’s surprisingly simple.


Motivational Quote, She believed she could, so she did

A few months ago, a dear friend and former client gave me a sweet little gift. There was no occasion other then she saw it and knew it would be right up my alley.

Inside the small parcel was a delicate gold band. As I turned it over I could see tiny letters stamped into the metal.

“She believed she could, so she did.”

I like to recite little motivational phrases, which makes me a total life coach clique, but this particular nugget speaks directly to my heart.

My friend picked the gift for me because I had quoted the phrase to her at a time when she wasn’t feeling much belief in herself.


How to start believing in yourself

After sharing my story people usually ask for my top weight loss tips. People usually want a quick trick to shed pounds fast without the painful deprivation that leads to crying on the kitchen floor.

BTW – I don’t tell clients to give up the things they love and I fully support a good kitchen floor sob fest – that’s when I remember to clean under the lip of the cupboards.

It’s always good to start with food, even if we feel out of control with our choices, eating itself is in our comfort zone. A week of intentional eating can give you that quick win. So, starting with food is good.

The hard part is this, changing your diet is not what creates the transformation most people hope for when they begin a weight loss journey.

To overcome this food thing once and for all you must believe that you are an amazingly wonderful creation, worthy and capable of flourishing just as you are right now.

Belief doesn’t have to start strong. For me, belief in myself sprouted from curiosity.

Motivational Quote "You are an amazingly wonderful creation worthy and capable of flourishing just as you are right now

The beginning of believing in myself

When I met my husband, he looked at me in a way no one ever had before. At first, I tried to ignore it but the more I noticed him seeing me differently the more I wondered what exactly there was that I wasn’t seeing.

What if there was something in me worth his complete and total acceptance. What if I wasn’t a big fat mess after all?

I got curious and things started to change.

Somewhere along the way, curiosity turned into belief – I AM worthy of a healthy body and a vibrant life and I could make it happen one step at a time.

I started living a life worthy of what he saw in me including the big decision to take charge of this food thing.

Once I connected with my belief in myself there was no chance of quitting. The story got too juicy. I had to keep going to find out what would happen next.


So, what do you think? Could you get a little curious?

I’ll bet you can.

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