Ready, Set, Start! What happens when you reach your weight loss goal

I have been so wrapped up in a sugary haze I let a major milestone pass quietly – I reached my personal goal weight.

Whoops, hang on…*tap, tap*  [clears throat]


As of two weeks ago, I am 51.4 % lighter than I was at my first Weight Watchers meeting in August 2008.  Not only have I shed the weight of an entire person but I shed an overweight person. I am thrilled but I think I am still processing what this means.  I recently likened the achievement to having a birthday.  When you wake up on your birthday you are a year older on paper but nothing really feels different.  I have also thought about it in terms of a graduation.  I have earned a masters degree in changing my life.

Now what…?

Now I embrace the future with exuberance and enthusiasm!  I expect to continue learning, making mistakes, and asking for a lot of grace.

This afternoon I spent some time looking around on the web for an image of a finish line to accompany this post.  After awhile I realized I was searching for the wrong end of the race.  This journey only has one finish line.  In the meantime I have the gift (and it is a gift) of starting fresh everyday. Hitting my personal goal weight was a huge accomplishment, a life long dream realized, but I am already setting new goals and looking forward to new milestones.  There is so much more to do and many things I have yet to imagine.  This journey is truly awesome and to take it all I had to do was start!

Starting LIne

“Start Starting Line Americorps Cinema Service Night Wilcox Park May 20, 20117 by stevendepolo, on Flickr”


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  2. Congratulations, Rose. You must feel very proud. When you started this journey, did you think you would make it?

    • Thank you, I am feeling proud. I really like your question. The simplest answer is the person I was when I started had no ability to conceive this achievement. In the beginning I had short term goals to feel better, move more freely, and fit more comfortably into clothes. Each small step toward my initial goals helped me to define longer term goals. By the time I shed 60 pounds I was in uncharted territory and there were times that I was stalled by the magnitude of the unknown. Now I am 40 pounds under the weight I was in 5th grade! I certainly did not set out to weigh less than my 10 year old self – who would? When I started I just took my eating one day at a time ticking off the points and planning ahead by a few meals. Pretty soon I felt confident enough to think week by week. I knew I could manage things on the small scale so there was no reason to try and juggle anything else. I never thought I wouldn’t make it because “it” was only a 24 hour period that was constantly being reset.

      Does that make sense? Does it answer your question?

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