Scoop Has Arrived!

Welcome Baby Scoop | Our Lady of Second Helpings

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are reading this on the fly while you enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer with a sunny day of hiking, boating, strolling, or other active activities. Be safe, wear sun screen, etc.

I am extra happy this Labor Day now that I am no longer waiting to go into labor (tee hee). We welcomed our latest, not so tiny, member of the Second Helpings family on Wednesday just before the dinner hour. He is already savvy enough to know that arriving during the day meant we could take his first photos under natural light to capture our best sides. What a thoughtful little guy!

Welcome Baby Scoop | Our Lady of Second Helpings

Once again we were grateful for the option to have our baby at home. Labor felt imminent for several days prior to Wednesday. I decided to continue with normal activities until my body made me stop.  Mid-afternoon on Wednesday I concluded my discomfort was indeed labor and called my brother to pick up The Little Helping. A little less than an hour and a half later Scoop was born! If we had planned to deliver anywhere else we might have had another t.v. appearance. This would have been the headline: “Local food blogger delivers ‘Second Helping’ along Highway 99.”

The Little Helping spent the night with his grandparents and when he arrived home in the morning was eager to get a close up look at his brother. Within the first five minutes of meeting they grasped hands, rubbed noses, and big brother attempted to poke little brother in the eye (unsuccessfully). I think they are going to get along just fine.

Welcome Baby Scoop | Our Lady of Second Helpings

Life will not be the same but we are used to embracing changes. In the coming weeks we are looking forward to getting better acquainted with our newest family member and watching him transition from a wrinkled and squinty old man into himself. We feel very blessed.

Welcome Baby Scoop | Our Lady of Second Helpings

Scoop Stats:
9 pounds
20 inches
2-3 hour active labor (it was a fuzzy start)
Born at home – thank goodness!


  1. Congratulations!!! Wow…you are such an awesome and inspirational Woman. Two little boys are fun…crazy…but fun. Enjoy all those little moments and snuggles…before the car carnage begins!!! (Love that his nickname is scoop!!!)

  2. Congratulations! I’m glad everything went so well, it’s always good to hear about a wonderful home birth. He’s an adorable “wrinkled and squinty old man”! 🙂

  3. What a blessed little boy Scoop is to become part of a wonderful family who will love him to pieces. May blessings continue to flow on all of you.

  4. Congratulations to you all having the baby at home nice ! Awaiting the birth of a grandbaby ourselves any day now also a second home birth ! You all look great enjoy your scoop and helping time and try to get some rest 🙂

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