Somebody Pinch Me!

The other day Mr. Second Helpings hung up the phone with his mind totally blown.  Then he called me and blew my mind too.

Back Story: Pam, our Weight Watchers leader has been encouraging us to officially submit our story to Weight Watchers for some time.  Several months ago we finally took some time to reflect and sent off a little bundle of pictures, personal details, and a summary of weight loss journey.  Based on a few brief emails from someone in the marketing department we knew that our info was in their hopper.  The response from our initial contact were in the neighborhood of, “don’t call us we’ll call you.”  So we didn’t.

Not long ago I was contacted by someone in a different branch of the company.  After some discussion she let me know that she would send our story to a national media corporation.  As far as I am aware that happened but there has been no news on that front.

This brings us to last week.  Mr. Second Helpings had a phone call from yet another person at Weight Watchers.  They wanted to include him in a photo shoot of successful male Weight Watchers members.  Participation meant flying to New York in a week’s time.  At this point he left a message on my voicemail asking me to call him ASAP because something incredible had happened.  Of course my interest was instantly piqued but I guessed his news was related to his job.

Then there was a second message that was time stamped about twenty minutes after the first.  I listened slack jawed to him breathlessly explain what was going on. He had been in multiple conversations with a contact at Weight Watchers corporate in New York.  As mentioned above they wanted him to come participate in their photo shoot.  He gave them a tentative “yes” but also asked if they wanted to include me and share our joint experience.  After a quick check with the editorial and legal departments it was confirmed that we should both come out! For a marketing photo shoot! In New York City! This coming Thursday!

The days since those phone calls have been an unreal mix of, “I can’t believe we are having this conversation,” and, “have a nice day at work Dear.” In preparation for the trip we have exchanged emails with people in the corporate marketing department, a travel agent, and a professional stylist. Every exchange has been an exercise in keeping cool while simultaneously pinching ourselves to confirm that all of this is happening.

It is completely surreal that we have been given this opportunity to share our story with an even larger audience and give a little back to the Weight Watchers community.

A while back I posted on the Facebook page, “To reach the summit of a mountain you must begin at the bottom and look up.”  But here’s the thing.  You don’t have to actually see the top.  You may not be able to look further than the next place to set your foot.  None of that matters.  Mr. Second Helpings and I are in the midst of a moment that we could have never ever conceived of when we first started our journey.  We had to overcome insecurity, self doubt, learning how to put ourselves first with no hesitation, and the simple practical pitfalls of relearning how to feed our bodies.  We never planned more than a week or two ahead. Our weight loss goals were always small and short term.  With each success we marveled at how far we had come not how much further there was to go.  Partly because we have no way of knowing where our journey will end.

Climbing Couple

Our news is exciting but I would like to take this opportunity to ask something of you. If you dream about making a change in your weight or your overall health, please take a deep breath and stick one pinky toe out of your comfort zone. The scariest part about change is the moment before you make it.  Say “yes” so something that puts butterflies in your stomach. If your first attempt is unpleasant chalk it up to a learning experience and try something else.  Start small by picking a new food or a simple activity. We have been gifted with this wonderful life and it has so much to offer. My prayer, for each and everyone, is that you will never stop reaching for just a little bit more.

photo credits: New York City – by via flickr, Climbing Couple – by D. Garding via flickr

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    • Great Megan! We will be featured online in the success stories. I think it will be up in the fall but I don’t know for sure yet. I will keep everyone posted.

  1. Hi Rose,

    Congratulations on your trip to NY. Plus, I just saw you on KCTS Local Chefs and recognized you from Weight Watchers meetings. I would like the recipe for your Pina Colada Pie too please. Thanks.

  2. I know it has taken awhile but I want you all to know how much I appreciate your comments. Thank you for your congratulatory messages.

  3. Congratulations to you both!! I am so very happy for you!! You have been, and remain, a source of encouragement for me. I must admit this blog brought tears to my eyes!! Thank you, Rose for sharing a part of your journey here & at the meetings. I steal golden tidbits of wisdom & insight from your vast knowledge! And the Pina Colada Pie was deeelish!!! (No one was any the wiser about it being a “WW” pie either!!!) 🙂
    Have a wonderful experience in The Big Apple!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!

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