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Weight loss support for your healthy ever after – featuring easy recipes to nourish busy families.

At Half Her Size, our mission is to provide you with easy recipes that support weight loss and feed the entire family – aka Kids can grow while parents shrink! 

Between August of 2008 and March of 2012 Rose, me (the writer), and Mike, my husband (the dish washer & tech support), lost over 300 pounds by learning to eat mindfully using the Weight Watchers points system. Along the way I reconnected with my childhood love of cooking and together we embraced fun ways to be active.

But, we didn’t stop at one change, our family grew at the very same time we were shrinking! In 2009 we welcomed Shaun into our healthy home and our newest addition, Cooper, arrived in 2013. Even though the kids eat to grow and the adults eat to maintain their weight, I make a single dinner to nourish our family – no short order cooking here!

As you can see, we are a busy bunch! Our weight loss journey taught us simple ways to prioritize our weight goals while our children grow. I’m excited to show you how we make it work! Join the newsletter community so you can follow our story.

The Recipes!

We like to keep things easy-peasy! The recipes are chosen with busy cooks in mind. Each recipe includes nutrition information, with the Weight Watchers Points, to help you know, at a glance, if it will fit into your meal plan.

Weight Loss Stories

We love food! But we know, weight loss is about so much more than recipes. Lifelong healthy weight management comes from learning sustainable healthy habits. The weight loss tips on this site come directly from our experience. You’ll know these tips worked for a real people juggling every day obstacles.

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Fitness Tips: Fit in a fun workout when you can’t leave the house

Providing you with a one-on-one weight loss partnership. A whole person approach to weight loss. We look at your environment, layer in changes through achievable daily and weekly goals, and celebrate every success. Visit the coaching page to read more and apply!

Watch our Family in Action!