Molasses Banana-Oat Bread

Molasses Banana-Oat Bread is hearty with a subtle sweetness. Perfectly satisfying as a wholesome snack or quick meal on the go. An excellent recipe to use over-ripe bananas. Lately, I’ve been reaching for molasses to change up the flavor of our breakfast foods. I used to keep a bottle of the thick dark syrup in the back of the cabinet…

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Peanut butter-banana stuffed tortillas

Easy Peanut Butter-Banana Stuffed Tortillas

Toasted peanut butter stuffed tortillas are a healthy mom – approved recipe kid’s will love! A Healthy Swap Very ripe bananas are an excellent way to replace some, or all the sugar in a recipe. During the warm summer months our bananas often ripen faster than we can eat them. I find myself adding banana to all sorts of recipes. Peanut…

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Don't say you should eat more vegetables - do it! This easy blueberry-banana green smoothie transforms leafy greens into a refreshing blended juice.

Blueberry-Banana Green Smoothie

Don’t just say you should eat more vegetables do it! One blueberry-banana green smoothie transforms huge handfuls of nutritious leafy greens into a refreshing blended juice with tons healthy benefits. This recipe is a multi-vitamin in a glass! Recipe Highlights: Quick and easy 4 ingredient smoothie recipe (plus water and ice) Turn boring salad ingredients into a fun juice Only 115…

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banana bread pancakes

Whole Wheat Banana Bread Pancakes

Banana bread pancakes are just slightly more work to make from scratch than adding mashed bananas and nuts to pre-made pancake mix (something I make no apologies for doing regularly). Making your pancakes from scratch allows you to adjust the ingredients to suit your family’s tastes and sneak in some extra nutrition, in this case whole wheat flour and extra…

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