Whole Wheat Black Berry Coffee Cake Muffins

Blackberry Coffee Cake Muffins

You are going to love these streusel-topped blackberry coffee cake muffins inspired by a favorite family coffee cake. They have just enough fresh blackberries to make them irresistible. Bake a batch for a lazy morning breakfast or to share on a special occasion.  Recipe Highlights: Uses whole wheat flour to make each coffee cake muffin satisfying on its own. When…

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Blackberry Balsamic Reduction

The popular gourmet condiment you can make at home

Blackberry balsamic reduction adds a tangy sweetness to just about anything. Drizzle over everything from salad to steak to ice cream. Noxious, thorny, and destructive Himalayan Blackberry vines are everywhere. For most of the year they are the bane of gardeners, property owners, and even pedestrians whose ankles have been attacked strolling past a vacant lot or hillside. People have gone to…

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Fresh Blackberry Pie

Up to this point, I have approached baking from a scientific perspective. To achieve the desired results in a pastry it is necessary to measure accurately and use the correct balance of ingredients. Sure there is room for a bit of finesse but push the creativity too far and your cookies won’t be cookies nor your cakes resemble cakes. This…

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Wild Blackberry Sorbet

A few days shy of my birthday in early June I opened a large Amazon box and yipped with glee. I was now the proud owner of an ice cream maker! Leave it to my sister to pick out just the right gift. She later confessed that the gift was given with slightly selfish motives. She also has an ice…

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