Shake off the sluggish feelings of winter with these 10 essential Spring ingredients and mouthwatering recipes.

10 Essential Spring ingredients and how to use them

These essential Spring ingredients grow just like the name of the season; they spring up seemingly overnight. Most are light in texture with bright flavors. The foods of Spring are exactly what our bodies need to shake off the sluggish feelings of winter feel re-energized. I love creating recipes that celebrate the freshness of Spring ingredients. Those that are available…

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Tortilla-less “Enchiladas”

Life in the Second Helpings household continues to be a whirlwind. Mr. Second Helpings and I are back from our grand adventure in New York City.  We are both honored and grateful that Weight Watchers gave us the opportunity to be both in New York and featured as success stories for their website.  I want to sit down and give you…

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