Sweet and savory homemade sausage patties are a fantastic make-ahead meal

Make Ahead Meals: Sweet Potato-Apple Chicken Sausage

Shortly after our second son was born my dear friend brought us a batch of the most amazing homemade chicken sausage patties. The gift of any food when you have a brand new baby is tremendously helpful. What made this particular food gift all the sweeter was the thought she took in choosing the recipe. When I asked her later…

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Cheesy Sausage Stuffed Peppers with Farro

The stuffing mixture alone makes cheesy sausage stuffed peppers a satisfying weeknight casserole. Baked in vibrant bell peppers they become a party! The FTC would like you to know: Bob’s Red Mill has generously provided all the grain featured in the Going with the Grain series. Thank you Bob’s Red Mill! Scroll past the recipe to find out how to snag…

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Chicken Merguez Garden Soup

I think grey rainy days were divinely designed for homemade soup. The kind where you throw everything in the pot and let its warmth draw everyone to the kitchen. The problem is grey days in June are not quite the same as grey days in November. At this point we aren’t preparing to hibernate. Spring soups need to be lighter…

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