Easy Appetizers: Pigs in a Blanket

I’ve never been much of a sports fan but I happened to watch one football game this year. It was a good one. What a thrill it was watching the Seahawks drag themselves through the first half of their final playoff game against Green Bay only to come back in the final moments in an absolutely astounding rally for the…

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Gorgonzola-Brussels Sprout Hash; turn simple fall vegetables into a gourmet comfort food perfect for any meal of the day. Add an egg for a healthy meal.

Gorgonzola-Brussels Sprout Hash

Gorgonzola-Brussels sprout hash is an easy way to transform simple fall vegetables into gourmet comfort food. This versatile recipe is perfect for any meal of the day. Add an egg to make a quick healthy meal. I am fully embracing woolly sweater and fuzzy sock season. My love for cozy fall things extends from my wardrobe to my menu choices….

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