Peanut butter-banana stuffed tortillas

Easy Peanut Butter-Banana Stuffed Tortillas

Toasted peanut butter stuffed tortillas are a healthy mom – approved recipe kid’s will love! A Healthy Swap Very ripe bananas are an excellent way to replace some, or all the sugar in a recipe. During the warm summer months our bananas often ripen faster than we can eat them. I find myself adding banana to all sorts of recipes. Peanut…

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Easy healthy hacks you can use every day to eat better and make healthier food for your family. Save time and money with these healthy tips.

15 brilliant healthy hacks to save time and eat better

I love hacks! I am constantly on the lookout for quick tips to save time, money, or make something healthier. These are some of my favorite healthy hacks to use daily. I am confident you are going to love these 15 easy healthy hacks you can use right now to eat better and prepare healthier food for your family. 1. Think food…

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Julia Child Quote

Never Apologize: The Wisdom of Julia Child

Not every meal in our house is, “blog-worthy.” But even when I am not making a meal to be “pinnable,” our dinners are usually healthy, filling, and most importantly, tasty. However, this one was embarrassing. I did not realize until later but when I served this meal I was following Julia Child’s wise advice. Mortified as I was, I did not apologize,…

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Going with the Grain

  For Christmas I gave my sister, and myself, a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine. I thought it was going to be just a bunch of pretty pictures of food I would never make because I don’t have the urge to cook a standing rib roast with confit potatoes nor do I have a reclaimed barn-wood table to serve it…

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The Thanksgiving Recipe Collection

I’m calling it early this year. I have a baby who pretty much wants to be held and snuggled all the time. I am happy to oblige but I’m also pooped! I’ve got ideas for all new and exciting light takes on Thanksgiving foods bouncing all around in my head unfortunately, chances are good they won’t appear here until next…

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