Diets don't work! The truth about how to succeed at a diet - What you believe to be true about who you are TODAY will make the difference between a diet's success or failure.

The no BS truth to why diets don’t work

I’ve been getting a series of marketing emails this week. A popular meal plan program is promoting their new multi-week diet reset. Today’s email came with a very compelling subject line, “why diets don’t work.” This headline caught my eye and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I happen to know why diets don’t work. I have spent the…

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Healthy eating positive attitude

Healthy eating for the rest of us

I have been thinking about the shouting match that persists in the healthy eating and fitness communities. The majority of the loud voices claim they have the answer to whipping the world into shape. Many of those answers require extreme measures to achieve – measures that are unreasonable for most people trying to keep afloat in their busy lives. So called, healthy…

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losing weight post pregnancy

Surprise! Losing pregnancy weight is way harder after having the baby

I have made a decision. I am ready to lose the last of my pregnancy weight. Since I already know how to drop pounds like hot rocks, I imagined it would be an easy resolution. Now, a few weeks in, I have discovered the game has changed – once again kids change EVERYTHING! In August of 2008 I began the first part…

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Good health starts with diet not dieting

I was glancing at my calendar of “national _____ day(s)” and learned today, May 6th, is No Diet Day.  I was intrigued. After a brief search of the web I discovered No Diet Day is an international movement whose intent is celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes. According to Wikipedia the first No Diet Day was celebrated in the…

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Weight Loss 101: Stay Hydrated!

The number one all time absolute best tip for anyone trying to improve their health is…drink water.   Seriously. About a month ago I happened to overhear a conversation at the YMCA where a woman half heartedly lamented to a trainer that she had been working out for a year but only shed a pound and a half.  This statement…

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