Gorgonzola-Brussels Sprout Hash; turn simple fall vegetables into a gourmet comfort food perfect for any meal of the day. Add an egg for a healthy meal.

Gorgonzola-Brussels Sprout Hash

Gorgonzola-Brussels sprout hash is an easy way to transform simple fall vegetables into gourmet comfort food. This versatile recipe is perfect for any meal of the day. Add an egg to make a quick healthy meal. I am fully embracing woolly sweater and fuzzy sock season. My love for cozy fall things extends from my wardrobe to my menu choices….

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Muffin Pan Frittatas

Forgive me for working backwards. Rather than including a recipe in my previous post I thought those mini frittatas deserved their own moment in the sun. The frittatas were really very simple to prepare but I must confess I didn’t keep notes on the amounts used in the filling. Without revisiting the recipe I would say you will need 3…

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Perfectly Poached Eggs

When we go out for breakfast or brunch I love to order poached eggs. I like the simple clean look of a poached egg and the way the yolk creates a sauce for the protein and starch beneath. Even though there is not much to it I always feel like I am having real treat. So, it occurred to me that I…

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