You are going about your day when suddenly it strikes - a craving. Cravings are treated like something to be managed. What if that was not the case at all?

How to indulge your cravings and not gain a pound

We have all been there. You are going about your day, minding your own business when suddenly it strikes – a craving. In general, cravings are treated like something to be banished. The word makes us uneasy. A craving can mean you are on the verge of undoing your weight loss efforts. But what if a craving did not mean…

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weight loss encouragement

Positive self-talk is the key to weight loss success | 6 phrases to change your perspective

The work of weight loss begins with changing what you put in your mouth. Lasting success is the result of learning positive self-talk and changing what you put in your head. Some time ago, I read an interview – Beth Aldrich’s Real Moms’ Strategy: Love Food & Lose Weight. She helps her new clients create lists of healthy things they love to keep on…

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‘Loving’ With Food

In previous posts I have brought up the subject of emotional eating.  It is a subject most people with food issues have to deal with in some form or another when attempting to get their health on track.  Now I would like to bring up emotional feeding or ‘loving’ people with food. In a way ‘loving’ with food is more…

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Grandma’s Nanaimo Bars

Emotional eating during the Holidays is not ALL bad. When I allow myself one (or two) indulgences at a time, I enjoy the experience of the food and better remember it later.  Most of the time I try to mindfully eat only what my body needs for nourishment. I really do enjoy eating so it is important to relish the…

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