A clear "why" will strengthen your resolve and provide motivation to keep going even when the odds seem stacked against you. goal setting advice

This powerful mindset shift ensures goals never fail

How many times have you set a goal only to fail thanks to one of life’s inevitable curveballs? Click to Watch Video It’s easy for goals to get sidelined when things stop going according to plan. The truth is, in goal setting, how you go after a goal is far less important than why. A clear “why” will strengthen your resolve…

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A strong goal inspires growth and expands your comfort zone. But to consistently achieve big goals you must first learn the art & science of goal setting.

5 steps of quality goal setting

Quality goal setting is an art and a science. A strong goal inspires growth and challenges you to reach outside your comfort zone. But how to achieve a big goal? You have to set yourself up to succeed. On Jan. 1st 2016, I declared my biggest New Year’s resolution yet, run 276.6 miles in a year — the number of…

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When setting goals “Why” is more important than “How”

When setting goals it is vital to get to the root your desire. A clearly defined “why” will make the “how” much easier to break into small steps. Think about things you have done in the past, remember what worked, remember when you felt your greatest sense of accomplishment, and don’t discount the power of vanity. You don’t need to be…

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Resolutions: Less “How” More “Why” – or – I can’t believe I’m going to admit this!

Five years ago, I was chatting with a co-worker, shortly after “coming out” about my new weight loss regimen. She asked a few questions about how things were going and I proudly shared the number of pounds already gone. She expressed enthusiasm for my progress then followed up with an obvious, but personal, question. “How much weight do you want to…

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The Dirty Thirty 5k

Readers in the Seattle area I hope you will come out for this event!  Readers outside of the area mark your calendars to spend the day being active along with us.  Send pictures of your activity to ourladyof2nds@yahoo.com.  I’ll try to feature everyone’s images on the blog the week after the event. Invitation! My thirtieth birthday is fast approaching! The…

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