A strong goal inspires growth and expands your comfort zone. But to consistently achieve big goals you must first learn the art & science of goal setting.

5 steps of quality goal setting

Quality goal setting is an art and a science. A strong goal inspires growth and challenges you to reach outside your comfort zone. But how to achieve a big goal? You have to set yourself up to succeed. On Jan. 1st 2016, I declared my biggest New Year’s resolution yet, run 276.6 miles in a year — the number of…

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New Years resolution

Ditch the resolutions, instead, give your year a theme

My personal, and professional, experience in the world of weight loss has shown me what so many experts say – most New Year’s resolutions fail within a few weeks and are abandoned entirely shortly after. However, there is something seductive about looking at the year ahead and imagining the radical changes you could make in those twelve wide open months….

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Put your Heart Into It

Today I took a little time out to show some love to myself. Even with a busy day ahead I spent 30 minutes jogging on our treadmill. Over the past few months I have been working to make physical activity a greater priority. Because it is Valentine’s Day and we are smack in the middle of Heart Month I thought…

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He Made it to Goal! A Guest Post by “Mr. Second Helpings”

Dear Readers, I have often mentioned my husband and our mutual weight loss success.  On Monday he weighed in at his Weight Watchers goal weight.  Here is his story, in his own words… Reflections on my Journey On Monday (December 26th) I gave myself a great late Christmas present. At our weekly Weight Watcher’s meeting, the scale read 199.6 pounds;…

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