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Positive self-talk is the key to weight loss success | 6 phrases to change your perspective

The work of weight loss begins with changing what you put in your mouth. Lasting success is the result of learning positive self-talk and changing what you put in your head. Some time ago, I read an interview – Beth Aldrich’s Real Moms’ Strategy: Love Food & Lose Weight. She helps her new clients create lists of healthy things they love to keep on…

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Weight Loss Tips: How much water should I drink?

Okay folks, here it is – the number-one-all-time-absolute-best-tip for anyone trying to lose weight is…drum roll please! Drink more water. That’s it. Seriously. A few years ago I accidentally, on purpose, overheard a conversation at the gym (I love eaves dropping!).  While chatting with a trainer, a woman half heartedly complained that she had been working out for a year but had only shed a…

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