Happy New Year!

Let’s dedicate 2014 to kindness. Be kind to yourself and others. Little acts can inspire great change but it has to start somewhere. Be well. Be kind. Be the change.

As Good As a Feast

I have watched Disney’s Mary Poppins numerous times. As a child I stomped around the living room demanding ‘votes for women,’  imagined chortling myself up to a tea party on the ceiling, hopped in and out of chalk drawings, and swelled with the final notes of Let’s go Fly a Kite. It is a completely enchanting film from start to finish….

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Virtual Field Trip: Guest Posting at Attune Foods

  Fill your water bottles and pack a snack. Today I am taking you on a virtual field trip! I was recently invited to share my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions with the readers of The Attune Foods Blog. Head over to their site to read A New Year to Make Healthy Choices. While you are there take a few minutes to…

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5 Simple Steps to Launch Your Weight Loss Resolution

It’s that time of year again! Time to look inward and think about all the ways you can become a better person. When the clock strikes midnight it will be time to take one last sip of alcohol, cut out caffeine, start arriving on-time, eliminate excess spending, and battle that bulge. Are you ready? Yes! Yes, you are ready, of course…

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2012 The Highlights

I have come to the end of a year with mixed feelings. On one hand this year has been overflowing with unexpected adventures, creative growth, and memories I will keep close to my heart. On the other hand, 2013 is bursting with possibilities waiting to be explored. As much as every year holds the promise of goodness there is also…

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