golden hamster - how to have a happier day

How to have a Happier Day

Happy days may not be immediately obvious because at first glance they look kind of crappy. For instance, it’s not quite 9:30 and here’s my day so far: My kids woke up about 40 minutes earlier than expected and at least an hour and a half earlier than I would like to be awake. Just as I decided to ignore…

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weight loss encouragement

Positive self-talk is the key to weight loss success | 6 phrases to change your perspective

The work of weight loss begins with changing what you put in your mouth. Lasting success is the result of learning positive self-talk and changing what you put in your head. Some time ago, I read an interview – Beth Aldrich’s Real Moms’ Strategy: Love Food & Lose Weight. She helps her new clients create lists of healthy things they love to keep on…

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Exchange “Have To” with “Get To”

Last Monday Pam, our Weight Watchers Leader, spoke about identifying “have to’s” and the “get to’s.” It is part of a reframing exercise and I really like it.  See when you strip life down to the really brass tacks there are very few “have to’s.” Basically, in order to exist we “have to” breathe, ingest some nourishment, and perhaps sleep from time to time.  That’s…

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Feeding My Mind Changed My Body

I have one body and it is mine to care for.  My parents were responsible for my first years, but it was their role to teach me how to care for my body myself.  When I entered my teen years, my parents began to fully release their control over my body and I was able to begin calling all the…

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