15 easy breakfast recipes that are truly healthy AND ready in 10 minutes or less. You'll love these grab-and-go ideas to keep you satisfied all morning.

Easy breakfast recipes: 15 ways to start the day healthy

It is a common tendency of busy women to let eating breakfast become a low priority. If you are getting kids up and ready for school there is a long list of things that must be done in a limited amount of time. Remember, meeting all those needs makes it that much more important for you to get some nourishment at…

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treat Dad to the food he loves with Father's Day recipes on lighter side

20 Healthy Father’s Day Recipes to Feed Dad with Love

Dad, he was your first love, your best pal, your teacher of 101 ways to use duct tape, and a teller of the most awesomely bad jokes. When it comes to planning a menu to celebrate Father’s Day most of us check 3 boxes: beer, meat, and grill. But, with the growing reality of lifestyle diseases even Dad has to start…

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Shake off the sluggish feelings of winter with these 10 essential Spring ingredients and mouthwatering recipes.

10 Essential Spring ingredients and how to use them

These essential Spring ingredients grow just like the name of the season; they spring up seemingly overnight. Most are light in texture with bright flavors. The foods of Spring are exactly what our bodies need to shake off the sluggish feelings of winter feel re-energized. I love creating recipes that celebrate the freshness of Spring ingredients. Those that are available…

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Don’t Toss that Turkey! More than 20 recipes using Thanksgiving leftovers

I love leftovers! I love reheating them in their original incarnation. I love reconfiguring them into new dishes. I also love packing them up to be frozen and enjoyed a few months down the road. Leftovers make life easy and delicious.  So, imagine my shock when I heard the following statistic last weekend on Northwest Cable New: Americans will throw away…

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