Weight Watchers Chocolate Biscotti

Italian Halibut Stew

Another gem from the way back machine! These are great ideas for your Thanksgiving gatherings! Potlucks are a wonderful time to learn about new foods, recipes, and cooking techniques. Sharing a meal can be the vehicle that turns strangers into acquaintances and acquaintances into life long friends. Gathering together with people to share food should be a joyful part of building…

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How to Roast Buttercup Squash

Simply Roasted Buttercup Squash

I went into the way-back machine to grab this oldie-but-goody post from 2011. I am still a huge fan of buttercup squash. Give this delightful squash a try ASAP! I like to call of myself an adventurous eater but, I am embarrassed to say, I have not ventured very far into the colorful world of squash. Throughout the upcoming chilly months,…

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Easy Yogurt Potato Salad Recipe

Greek Yogurt Potato Salad with Parsley and Dill

Long time readers may remember this easy recipe for a light and fresh take on traditional potato salad. Two years later, swapping some, or all, of the mayonnaise in a creamy salad dressing, remains one of my favorite healthy recipe make-over tricks. Recipe Highlights: A quick and easy recipe for healthy potato salad. Use rainbow potatoes and fresh dill and…

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9 easy steps to a healthier burger barbecue even the busiest moms will love!

Sabra Dipping Co. sponsored this article. I had so much fun putting together this list of healthy tips to inspire your next family burger barbecue night. The timing couldn’t have been better. We had a weekend of soaring temperatures that kept me far from the kitchen but I was happy to invite my family over for dinner on the patio. Recipe Highlights: Buttery Yukon…

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Crustless Quiche Two Ways

Easter candy is my favorite of all the candies marketed specifically for holidays. I love the bright colors. I especially love the chocolate eggs with crispy candy shells, fruit flavored jelly beans, and larger pastel malted chocolate eggs. Next Sunday I am sure I will wind up consuming more than my fair share of sugar. I do like the candy in the…

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