Blackberry Balsamic Reduction

The popular gourmet condiment you can make at home

Blackberry balsamic reduction adds a tangy sweetness to just about anything. Drizzle over everything from salad to steak to ice cream. Noxious, thorny, and destructive Himalayan Blackberry vines are everywhere. For most of the year they are the bane of gardeners, property owners, and even pedestrians whose ankles have been attacked strolling past a vacant lot or hillside. People have gone to…

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Lighter than Air Chicken Nuggets with Cranberry BBQ Sauce

Okay, okay not literally lighter than air. I don’t want to upset the physicists in the audience. However, I have to tell you about these Savory Herb Chicken Nuggets. I spent weeks working on the recipe. I was on a mission and did not stop until I could say with confidence that I had reached crisp-savory nugget near perfection. I fussed with the ingredients, cooking method,…

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