roasted boneless leg of lamb with carrots

Boneless Leg of Lamb with Tarragon Rub

Roast leg of lamb makes a wonderful holiday dinner. Roasted with savory tarragon, garlic, and capers this easy lamb recipe is a real treat. Strange as this may sound, St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday. My interest in all things Celtic comes entirely from growing up in a proud Irish-American family. That our most recent immigrant ancestor left the…

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Sweet and Spicy Dry Rub

Sweet and spicy dry rub is an example of a truly minimal effort achieving maximum flavor results. Excellent with pork or roast vegetables. Time, time, time… Where does it go and how can we get some more of it! This is likely to be a prominent feature in my writing for awhile. In juggling all there is to juggle these…

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