Ricotta and Scallion Scones

When you stop to think about it there really is magic in the transforming of flour into the vast variety of bread eaten around the globe. Grains, finely ground into powder, are the basis for staple foods in nearly every culture. From the nearly translucent pancakes of Asian cuisine, the coarse masa of the Americas, or the crusty loaves of…

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Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Scones

As promised in my previous post here is a truly delightful recipe for scones using those roasted strawberries you now have ready and waiting in the refrigerator. It is difficult to make a case for the nutritional benefits of scones but they sure do make me happy. I rarely, if ever, indulge in a bakery scone. A single scone in…

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soda bread scones

Soda Bread Scones

Irish Soda Bread Scones are a humble rustic pastry you can quickly make for breakfast on a cozy morning. Biscuit-like with toasted oats around the edges. These simple scones are subtly sweet, especially with the currents and bits of orange zest that find their way into each bite. After breakfast, set one more aside for a delicious mid-morning snack.  …

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