Don't say you should eat more vegetables - do it! This easy blueberry-banana green smoothie transforms leafy greens into a refreshing blended juice.

Blueberry-Banana Green Smoothie

Don’t just say you should eat more vegetables do it! One blueberry-banana green smoothie transforms huge handfuls of nutritious leafy greens into a refreshing blended juice with tons healthy benefits. This recipe is a multi-vitamin in a glass! Recipe Highlights: Quick and easy 4 ingredient smoothie recipe (plus water and ice) Turn boring salad ingredients into a fun juice Only 115…

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Don’t Toss that Turkey! More than 20 recipes using Thanksgiving leftovers

I love leftovers! I love reheating them in their original incarnation. I love reconfiguring them into new dishes. I also love packing them up to be frozen and enjoyed a few months down the road. Leftovers make life easy and delicious.  So, imagine my shock when I heard the following statistic last weekend on Northwest Cable New: Americans will throw away…

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Birthday Smoothies

          Smoothies are so easy and so many fruits and vegetables can get tossed in to make a vitamin-filled treat.  We keep it simple and generally stick to fruits and yogurt but I know many people who add protein powder, leafy greens, and many more ingredients to their smoothies.  I really like to have a smoothie…

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