Sweet and savory homemade sausage patties are a fantastic make-ahead meal

Make Ahead Meals: Sweet Potato-Apple Chicken Sausage

Shortly after our second son was born my dear friend brought us a batch of the most amazing homemade chicken sausage patties. The gift of any food when you have a brand new baby is tremendously helpful. What made this particular food gift all the sweeter was the thought she took in choosing the recipe. When I asked her later…

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Gluten Free Chocolate-Peanut Butter Truffles

Recipe Highlights: no cooking required low sugar, low carb, & gluten free start to finish in 30 minutes If you are looking for that one final treat to complete your holiday cookie plates – this is it! My family used to make a pan or two of chocolate-peanut butter bars for our Christmas cookie plates. We took the plates to…

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