The power of a Sisterhood – where one is weak, many are strong

Lately I have been digging deeper to write from a place in my heart I have kept tightly closed for a long time. As I begin to express the emotions behind my weight loss journey – and how I continue to live at a healthy weight – it feels equally important to offer support to more women pursuing their own weight loss goals.

women helping women, sisterhood

The first time I read The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood I fell in love with the strength of the women and their love for each other. Through their lives each had moments where she was hanging on by a thread. It was the support of her chosen sisters bound together that created the rope to lift carry her until she could stand on her own again.

When I began writing a blog in 2011 I didn’t know what I was doing. I only knew it was important to share my message of encouragement – extreme weight loss is possible without extreme measures. Since then recipes and pictures of food have become the primary draw to this site. I marvel at the number of people who stop by daily and I am thrilled to pieces when someone tells me they tried and liked one of the recipes.

In those early days I imagined creating a virtual space that could mimic the comfort of a kitchen. For a long time my blog background even featured the surface of my actual kitchen table. I had a vision of women gathering together to check-in, share their weight loss tips, encourage each other, combine their strengths, and when all was said and done put a nourishing meal on the table that the entire family could share.

Last year I took that vision and turned it into a group coaching program. I worked with my brand designer to create beautiful marketing and polish every detail. I brainstormed ways to boost value with additional services. I had my designer put together all sorts of fantastic content. She included space for downloads, video content, recipe collections, scrolling inspirational messages and room for more. The result was exceptional.

But, all along something nagged at my heart.

women helping women, sisterhood

The trouble is, everything became too big, too polished, too perfect. I dreamed of meeting with women, friends, in a cozy kitchen that smelled like Breakfast Blend and roasting chicken. Of building relationships that went deeper to the heart of why we struggle with losing weight. To learn how to draw strength from each other and face our personal challenges like super women. I dreamed of a sisterhood.

In early January I hit the pause button. I set aside all of the perfection and value added services then I went to the place we all go when we want to connect with our tribe – Facebook.

The NEW Half Her Size Sisterhood

At this time, and for the foreseeable future, the Half Her Size Sisterhood Facebook group is no longer behind a paywall – aka free! The group will remain private to help create that safe space but new members can request to join.

Members can be actively losing weight, working on weight maintenance, or simply desire to participate in a group focused on making health food and lifestyle choices. As there is no specific weight loss program for members The Sisterhood should be a good compliment to plans you are already following. I can also help you create an eating plan to help you achieve your weight goals that fits your life. I also think this will be a lot of fun.

Coaching in writing is new for me after working with clients over the phone for a year. I am learning as I go but in many ways that is what the group is all about – failing forward together. My philosophy towards weight loss is much the same as my philosophy for life – praise people to success. We women are tough enough on ourselves already. I will strive to help you celebrate what you are already doing well and build on that momentum. Many people (myself included) find when you focus on the good stuff those so called “bad habits” quietly slip away.

half her size sisterhood

Come on over – bring a friend! I have a place in The Sisterhood just for you.



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