There’s Rhubarb in My Pita Pocket

Pita Pocket with tomato and arugula

At the end of yesterday’s Rhubarb Chutney post I suggested using it as a condiment on a sandwich. I really should be trying these suggestions before passing them along to avoid misleading readers.  Today I tested my hypothesis and slathered some of that creamy goodness on the inside of a pita pocket.  Imagine my relief when it turned out I was correct and the chutney is indeed excellent on a sandwich.

This morning I packed up a sack full of goodies and headed over to my parents house where my mother is recovering from throat surgery and can’t swallow anything that isn’t small and soft.  I called ahead to see if chicken salad would be soft enough and though he didn’t double check my dad assured me that there was plenty for mom to eat if it was too lumpy and he would be happy to finish it himself.  Doesn’t it just warm your heart?  In addition to the chicken salad I tucked in the Rhubarb Chutney, some freshly harvested baby arugula (from my very own vegetable garden) and a few other little treats I thought mom might enjoy.

Chicken Salad with Curry and Dill

The chicken salad was thrown together without any specific measuring.  I used a combination of fat free yogurt and soy milk for the dressing, seasoned it with curry and a heavy dose of dried dill, and squirted some fresh lemon juice over the whole thing for good measure.  The creamy sweetness of the chutney balanced the light zestiness of the chicken salad.  I also really liked the fresh pepper flavor the arugula added.  Oh and Mom did eat some of it, hers was an extra fancy deconstucted version (read served with out the pita).  Do you see how thin the bread on these pita pockets is?  One pita round was 130 calories and everyone ate a half because they were huge!  The low calorie bread allowed me to enjoy a handfull of olive flavored tortilla chips along side my sandwich.

Pita Pocket Sandwich

Hanging out in my parents sunny yellow kitchen was a wonderful way to pass what turned out to be a rather damp rainy day. I did venture outside for a few minutes to snap some pictures.  The rain turned everything lush and vibrant and my shutter button finger was itching to get some images into the camera. Aren’t these flowers gorgeous!

Tulip Wilting in the RainBright Orange AzaleasBranch of Pink and White Bleeding Hearts


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