Weight Loss

Looking to begin or renew a weight loss journey? Perhaps your spirit is in need of a little lift. These posts come from my own successes and interesting learning experiences. They are collected here to help readers navigate the early days of lifestyle change or rejuvenate your goals to build a sustainable healthy future.

I am not a health professional.  I strongly encourage anyone to begin working with a doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, or other wellness professional before beginning any weight loss or health improvement journey.

First Steps

Pick a Program

Build a Community

Get Hydrated

Measuring and Weighing Portions

Eat More Veggies

Holiday Eating Tips

How to Lose (or Maintain) Weight on Vacation

Good health starts with diet not dieting

Add activity a little at a time

Our Real Life Weight Loss Stories

A Bit About The Author – How I Reached the Point of Needing to Change

I Made it to GOAL

He Made it to GOAL (“Mr. Second Helpings” Guest Post)

Mr. Second Helpings is a Weight Watcher’s Success Story

I’m a Weight Watchers “Success Story”


Doing What I Have Never Done (1/2 Marathon Story)

The Dirty Thirty 5K – Running My First 5K

Boot Camp – Surprise (Tackling Emotional Baggage)

Increasing Activity


Sharing My Body (Motherhood)

Why I Don’t Make Kid Food

Overweight and Expecting (Pregnancy Weight Gain)

baby news

For the Heart and Head

Be, Do, Have – How to set a Goal and Accomplish it!

I Forgive Me (And You)

Feeding My Mind Changed My Body

Disfigured A Movie and A Mindset

Exchange “Have to” with “Get to”

It’s a Spanx-Wearing Bikini-less Life – Body Acceptance

Pam – My Motivational Speaker

Knowing Where to Tap – asking for help

It Doesn’t Matter – Image

Your Body is Not a Lemon – Image

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