Yesterday the Sun Came Out

I really thought that I was going to make it through this winter one step ahead of a full blown SADD attack. Things had been going well and there were enough breaks in the gloomy weather to keep the blues at an arms length. Unfortunately I was ill prepared for the mid-February grey spell that just ended; it was a doozy.

A few weeks ago the men of the house both came down with colds.  Neither was a huge deal and they bounced back after a few days. I managed to avoid illness but my immune system must have been working pretty hard to fight it off. A week later I started to feel wispy fingers of weariness creep into my body and before I could get a handle on things I was riding a roller coaster of unquenchable fatigue. My limbs felt like they were moving through jell-o, and none of my thoughts came fully into focus. Most of the time I was awake I felt I was wrapped in a blanket under my skin. For a couple of weeks I felt like I was in the midst of a major physical ailment. I have ridden this wave before but it is difficult to see what is going on during an episode.

Yesterday the sun came out and for the first time in weeks the fog lifted from my brain. It is amazing how brightly the world sparkles after a period of gloom. I spent a few hours of the morning outside working on a gardening project. Under the warm rays of the sun I felt my energy coming back to me.

It was not just me effected by the appearance of the sun. Around the yard little green buds dotted the ends of branches, precious reminders that Spring will be here soon. Bushes and trees are just beginning to awaken from them winter slumber, slowly stretching toward the same rays of sun that are bringing me back to life.

Cherry Tree branch with budsVariegated Plant Sprouts
Hellebore Buds and LeavesVariegated Yellow Crocuses

Winter, that arrived frosty and magical, has turned damp and dull. Fortunately the days are lengthening and the sun’s warmth is returning. Soon the slumbering world will fully awaken and the seasons will change. I, for one, am ready to get on with the show.

Pink Lenten Roses

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